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Organization Overview

This project assists the Minna community in building partnerships with families, schools, and volunteers to help underprivileged children reach academic and athletic success.

By providing school supplies and hosting basketball clinics and tournaments, children are encouraged to become model citizens and stay in school. Promoting a positive recreational outlet provides a platform which encourages youth to take charge of their future and become positive contributing members of society.

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Group Exercises - Time Out For AfricaTime Out 4 Africa Provides School Supplies To Children In MinnaKids and BasketballsEnriching Childhood Through Education And Basketball

What Is The Problem?

The problem is youth in Northern Nigeria lack basic school supplies and recreational facilities to play sports. Consequently, many of these children are uninspired and lack motivation to stay in and school and reach higher goals.

How Does Time Out For Africa Help Solve This Problem?

By providing these youths with school supplies, basketball and life skills, we provide a platform for them to become model citizens. Through our program, children learn that education and team sports can help their social attitudes towards working together for the betterment of both themselves and their communities.

Education coupled with the sport of basketball promotes collaboration, teamwork and critical thinking - all skills needed for 21st century success.

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Potential Long Term Impact

Our program is designed to provide school supplies, basketball, and life skills to over 500 youth throughout the year. Participation in this program provides students with the skills needed to become model citizens. They learn they can make a positive impact on their communities.

Additionally, the program helps build positive relationships amongst parents, communities & schools. The program also exposes kids to academic institutions with the possibility of earning academic or sports scholarships.

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Helping African Youth

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Overview Of Current Projects

Annual Jomirota Basketball & Life Clinic

When: 1st Week of November

Where: Minna Township Stadium Complex, Minna Nigeria

The basketball camp is a 3-day event We host over 500 student participants between the ages of 5 and 18 drawn from across 25 of the State's local governments. Overall costs cover t-shirts for participants and parents, refreshments for all participants, school supplies, shoes, medals, trophies, and a Coaches stipend.

Day 1
Preliminary rounds for 3 on 3 contests, free throw contest, & 3-pointer contest for junior (ages 10-14) and senior participants (ages 14-18). Secondary School Matches

Day 2
Finals from all events from Day 1

Day 3
Grand Finale

3 age groups

300 kids participate in instructional basketball clinics conducted by twenty national & international coaches. They all receive free school supplies and are awarded prizes and medals.

Monthly After School Tutorial & Clinics.

These clinics are for small groups participating in Primary and Secondary Schools.
Girls only clinics
Co-ed clinics

Bi-Yearly Community Involvement Day

Repairs to existing dilapidated basketball courts.
Increase community involvement.
Promote awareness of exercising programs.

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About Us Time Out For Africa

Enriching Childhood through Education and Basketball

2009 in Minna Nigeria

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